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Finally, we bring together our favourite easy winter crafts for kids! I have also created a subsection of easy winter crafts for preschoolers (scroll down or click through), if you are looking for craft ideas for younger children. Though some ideas may appear in a number of sections. Of course winter and winter crafting is all about easy snowman crafts and snowflake crafts, but I thought it would be nice to bring all the ideas together in one place!


Easy Winter Crafts for Kids

ALL of the crafts on this post are Winter Crafts for Kids!! This is just the “more general section” – crafts that didn’t really group any of sections below. So please DO browse the whole post for ideas!!!!! Remember that the Winter Crafts for Preschoolers (below), make great GROUP activities – as they are simpler and therefore need less input from grown ups, if working in a larger group of (older) kids.

Easy Winter Crafts for Kids - a fantastic selection of cute winter crafts for kids. Stuck indoors on snow days? Need an easy indoor activity for kids? Look no further. Many easy and cute to make winter crafts using every day craft supplies.

Winter Art Projects for Kids

Winter is a great season to explore through art. We love all the cool blues and purples contrasting with whites. There are many things you can draw and explore – not just snowmen (though we do love a cheerful snowman too!).

Easy Winter Crafts for Kids - wonderful Winter Art Projects for Kids. Explore the four seasons, create wonderful birch tree and winter tree artwork. Love all those blues, purples and pinks!

Winter DIY Ornaments valentines day bears tumblr pictures

Admittedly these Winter Ornaments are of course DIY Christmas Ornaments too! However, when Christmas is over and everyone takes their decorations down, I always feel that January and February are so very bleak. I am taken with the idea of having a WINTER Ornaments Tree (see the pictures in the Paper snowman ornaments post!). Just to brighten things up a little. Also many of these ornaments would look great as a garland, whilst others (like the Cork Penguins) are super fun to play with.

Easy Winter Crafts for Kids - A great set of Winter Ornaments that let us decorate beyond Christmas. Avoid the bleakness of January and February with these fabulous Winter Ornament DIYs

Winter Paper Crafts

As you know we are a great fan of paper crafts (and have a fabulous set of Christmas Paper Crafts for Kids to browse). Here is a great sub set of WINTER PAPER CRAFTS, that you can join right through to March. We love paper as it is inexpensive and yet valentines oh so versatile. Make bookmarks, snowflakes and more!

Easy Winter Crafts for Kids - here is a selection of Winter Paper Crafts for kids. We love paper, so inexpensive and yet so versatile. Make decorations, paper toys, ornaments and bookmarks. Lovely Winter Ideas for kids

Some of our crafts  have videos demonstrating how to make them – e.g. check out our Polar Bear Corner Bookmark, isn’t he lovely?!

Winter Card Designs

You may think that the season for card writing and card sending is over. No sorry!! The kids still have a bunch of Thank You cards to write. Or what about sending a card to someone you “forgot” to send a Christmas Card to? New Year can be so bleak and boring, receiving a lovely homemade card can really cheer someone up!! Or what about all those family members and friends with Winter Birthdays? Let’s not forget them. Here are some lovely Winter Card Designs!

Easy Winter Crafts for Kids - Winter Card Designs - these make perfect Thank You cards in the New Year or wonderful Winter themed greeting or birthday cards for kids to make!

Easy Winter Crafts for Preschoolers

Aaaah the preschoolers, our wee little ones that LOVE to craft. Here is a very special Winter Crafts for Kids section dedicated just to the little ones among us. As mentioned before, Preschoolers come with BAGS of enthusiasm, but don’t always have the fine motor skills to go with it. So we need simpler, but still cute and fun projects for our little cherubs. Winter Crafts for Preschoolers are great for finger strength development and fine motor skills, as well as learning about processes and materials. Many of these crafts are also wonderfully tactile, making it a great winter sensory experience. (Depending on the time of year you are reading this, you may also like our Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers!).


I hope you are excited about the Winter months ahead of us and that you will have lots of fun with out Winter Crafts for Kids – especially on those coooold Snow Days, when all you want to do is huddle indoors and look for some easy indoor activities for kids!!!!

Remember we also have a HOLE BUNCH of Easy Snowman Crafts and Snowflake DIYs for you to browse. And if you are brave enough to head outdoors, we have some brrrriiilliant Snow & Ice Activities too!

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Valentines day bears tumblr pictures

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Valentines day bears tumblr pictures

Valentines day bears tumblr pictures

Valentines day bears tumblr pictures

Valentines day bears tumblr pictures

Valentines day bears tumblr pictures

Valentines day bears tumblr pictures

Valentines day bears tumblr pictures

Valentines day bears tumblr pictures

Valentines day bears tumblr pictures

Valentines day bears tumblr pictures

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