Twirly girl dresses 2017

Below are some of the best Primark Dresses we have found online. While there’s no way to buy these from the store’s official website, each one of these was found through various resale/auction sites, and each one typically cost less than it would have new. Enjoy the catalogue, and let us know your favorite outfits in the comments below!

Our Favorite Selections

Atmosphere Short Black Dress (£4.00) – Ending 13 December 2016
short black dressThis short black dress from Primark’s Atmosphere clothing line is twirly simply adorable. It’s designed subtly with small dark polka dots to give it texture, and the short shoulder sleeves give it a cute yet sexy style.

Striped Midi Dress (£6.00) – Ending 13 December 2016
striped skater dressCombining a chic modern style with a retro design, this awesome striped midi dress from Primark Online is a must have. The flowing light material is both comfortable and fashionable, and the vertical white stripes against the deep black background is absolutely stunning.

Light Blue Denim Dress (£4.50) – Ending 13 December 2016
light blue denim dressThis simple, adorable light blue denim dress from Primark’s online catalogue is proof that denim never goes out of style. The light blue faded look is very retro, and the sheer white lace top design is just gorgeous.

Black Lace Evening Dress (£13.00) – Ending 13 December 2016
black lace evening dressCheck out this incredible skater style inspired black lace evening dress from Primark’s Atmosphere brand. This dress features a delicate and feminine lace on the bust, and the simple skirt is longer in the back and adds a lovely flow to the dress.

Brown Suede Smock Dress (£15.00)
Primark Brown Dress Don’t let the simplicity of this dress fool you. This Atmosphere Brown Suede Smock Dress is an affordable high fashion piece. Pair it with flirty gladiator sandals and you have an outfit that will demand attention. Consider adding one or two shiny accessories and no one will be able to look away. Of course, you can also pair it with more subdued choices and proudly wear it around the office.

Christmas Mini Dress (£9.99)
Primark Christmas DressNot sure what to wear to an upcoming holiday party? Tired of the same old black dress? Check out this stunning mini dress from Primark. It’s a simple red dress with white trim. But as you can see, it’s decidedly Christmas. It’s fun, flirty, and perfect for the season. Regardless of where you wear it, you may just find yourself the center of attention. Click below to pick one up today!

Bird Print Dress(£6.99)
Primark Cream DressEven in the dark of winter, you need a little pick me up. While it may be hidden under a bulky coat or sweater, you’ll feel like a spring day. This stunning dress from Primark is a simple cream lined sleeveless dress with round neck. Below the waistline, however, is a fun pattern featuring garden birds flitting amidst a pink and red flowered tree. There’s really no bad place to wear this classy outfit. Pick one up today by clicking below!

Khaki Green Tunic Dress (£4.99)
Khaki Simple Tunic Simplicity never goes out of style. Check out this lovely sleeveless tunic dress. With a military-inspired khaki-green tint, full lining, and a fashionable brown belt, you are sure to turn heads. The belt is fantastic for cinching it closer in and highlighting your curves. Perfect for an office party or just a night out, add this minimalist piece to your wardrobe. Click below to buy today!

Neon Aztec Beach Dress (£11.99)
Neon Aztec Beach DressStand out from the crowd with this absolutely fabulous neon Aztec beach dress from Primark’s online catalogue. Adorned with diamond shaped neon yellow, orange, pink and black colours, this super sexy beach dress is the perfect piece to wear on the beach and is guaranteed to turn heads. Simply click on the “Buy Now” button below to order this lovely dress online today!

Burgundy Cold Shoulder Dress (£23.99)
Burgundy Cold Shoulder DressThis stunning burgundy cold shoulder dress from the Primark catalogue is absolutely a must buy. Aside from the gorgeous deep red colour, the dropped shoulder look of the dress and the cinched waist with adjustable ties gives it a very hip, modern look. So don’t wait, purchase this incredible dress online today by clicking on the link below!

Mustard Sleeveless Crepe Dress (£23.99)
Mustard Sleeveless Crepe DressWhen it comes to hip metropolitan fashion, nobody does it better than Primark. Get a load of this lovely mustard sleeveless crepe dress from Primark’s online catalogue. This dress’ lovely colour is complimented beautifully by the sleeveless fashion and petite neck collar. This is the perfect piece to add to any spring or summer wardrobe, and it is available for purchase online today. Simply click on the link below!

Floral Green Tunic Dress (£19.99)
Floral Green Tunic DressNothing says “beautiful” and “care-free” quite like this incredible floral green tunic dress from Primark’s online catalogue. This sleeveless beauty has gorgeous white flowers with green leaves in the design that is reminiscent of southern California in the 1960s. It’s the perfect thing to wear for a beautiful summer day or night. Click on the “Buy Now” link below to order this dress today!

Light Blue Embroidered Dress (£12.99)
blue stitched dressThis women’s blue denim skater dress is one of the best dresses you can buy from Primark’s online catalogue. Made of 100% cotton denim, this super adorable dress has a beautiful magenta Aztec-style trim around the collar and shoulders. Plus, it is sleeveless and has a concealed zipper on the back to put style first. You are guaranteed to look absolutely lovely in this perfect blue Primark dress. Buy it online today!

Black Dress With Orange Pan Collar (£14.49)
black dress with collarWhen it comes to stunning dresses, no one does it better than Primark. This beautiful dress, for example, is one of the best fashion pieces money can buy. This lovely black dress is multilayered and fringed at the bottom for a sexy style, and the collar is lined with orange to present an air of feminine sophistication. It is the perfect thing to wear to a fancy event or to the club.

Blue Daisy Print Spring Dress (£5.49)

ladies blue and white polka dot dressGet a load of this fierce summer dress from Atmosphere. The design has a great array of contrasting details arranged in different shades of white and yellow flowers on a crisp, pastel sky blue background. The lovely three floral buttons on the top of the chest adds a certain type of style and flair to the whole piece, and the material is soft and light for added comfort. To buy this adorable dress today, click the link below!

Ladies Alice in Wonderland fancy dress Rebel Toons fairytale costume (£17.99)

alice in wonderlandThis fiercely glam fancy dress includes cute blue dress with apron detail, armbands and headband. Sizes available are UK 8 to UK 14. Ideal for a fairy tale fancy dress party and a brilliant gift idea!

Items No Longer for Purchase Online

Floral Primark DressThis tropical floral print dress is anything but boring. From the label Atmosphere, an exclusive Primark line, the dress features a bold and unique mirror print that comes alive with vibrant colors that seem to jump out. The form fitting, sheath dress is modest enough for family occasions, especially when topped with a jacket or cardigan. However, fun and flirty enough with its shorter length, sleeveless arms, and keyhole back closure for a night out on the town.

Duck Dress (£3.99)
Black Duck Dress Check out this incredible dress. The colour scheme is a simply black and white and the fit is flattering. Look closer. Notice anything about the pattern? Minimal duck outlines cavort across this lovely dress. Wear this beauty to look fashionable but with a fun little flair. You’ll look great wearing it and it’s sure to catch eyes as people realize the duck motif.

Atmosphere Suede Smock Dress (£15.00)
Brown Suede Smock DressIf you are looking for the perfect dress to wear for a night out on the town, then look no further. Straight from the very best of Primark’s online catalogue, this brown suede smock dress is the ultimate in metropolitan high fashion. This beautiful brown suede sleeveless dress combines form with a sexy modern style, and it is guaranteed to turn some heads.

Long Sleeve Red Skater Dress (£7.99)
Long Sleeve Red Skater DressWhen it comes to dresses, nobody does it better than Primark. This long sleeve red skater dress from Primark’s Atmosphere brand is to die for. With a deep red colour, long sleeve design, and boat neck collar style, this dress is a beautiful example of modern simplicity at its finest. Plus, the piece is slip on, which is perfect for easy dressing.

Black and White Heart Dress (£2.99)
Black and White Heart DressIf you’re looking for a lovely new addition to your wardrobe, then look no further. This adorable black and white heart dress from Primark is a must own. It is a beautiful retro style dress that is reminiscent of 1960s fashion, and the design is super cute. It is the perfect dress for the spring and summer seasons, so don’t wait!

Cutout Skater-Style Dress (£3.25)
Cutout Skater DressCombining the old and the new, this cutout skater-style dress from Primark’s online catalogue is simply gorgeous. This beautiful dress mixes the old rural denim aesthetic with a more modern punky look to create an absolutely fabulous modern ladies dress. Wear it for fun occasions or even simply just out for a walk during a warm summer evening.

Yellow and Blue Floral Dress (£15.00)
yellow and blue dressGet a load of this remarkable dress from Primark’s Atmosphere brand. If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is definitely the dress for you. This cotton and polyester, blue and yellow, sleeveless dress is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect dress to wear during spring and summer. The floral designs are striking and are guaranteed to make you feel beautiful and seasonally festive.

Black Silver Shimmer Dress (£17.00)
black silver shimmer body con dressNeed a totally gorgeous evening dress to wear for those special nights out? Well, look no further because this beautiful black silver shimmer body con dress from Atmosphere is a perfect addition to any fancy evening wardrobe. Made primarily of nylon, this dress is soft and stretchy, which will make you feel comfortable and sparkle for those extra special affairs.

Resist, Revolt & Rebel Summer Skater Dress (£21.95)
shirt dressThis cute sleeveless summer skater dress comes in many children’s sizes and colours. It has a fitted body and cascading skirt. Made in India by an ethical ETI Basecode compliant family factory, the designs are hand printed in London. Material is 100% interlock cotton which is gentle and stretchy. It can be machine washed up to 40°C and tumble dried on low.

Rock Rebel American Made Black Cotton T-Shirt Dress (£14.99)
black shirtThis unusual, shortsleeved T-Shirt Dress comes in 100% cotton and is machine washable. The lining is also cotton. Approx 59cm length – shoulder to hem. Be part of it!
Atmosphere Womens Ladies Beach Summer Playsuit Blue Stripe (£16.99)
colourful stripesDoesn’t this playsuit just so spell: Sunshine? The gorgeously coloured stripes and the frills really make this a choice item in your summer collection! A mega sexy must for the best dressed beach girl! The playsuit comes in sizes UK 6 to UK 10 and you know you’ll cut a striking figure in it!

Royal Blue Chiffon Dress (£8.99)
Royal Blue Chiffon DressWhether you have a business meeting to go to or you are preparing with your girlfriends for a fun night out in the club, this is the right dress for you. This blue chiffon sleeveless dress is one of the best pieces the store’s dress line has to offer. The layered front piece at the chest line adds a chic flair to the whole dress, and the sleeveless look is sexy, modern and very feminine.

Atmosphere Red and Violet Party Dress (£6.99)
Atmosphere Red and Violet Party DressIf you need a dress that is sexy, dark, adorable and playfully wicked, then look no further. This deep violet and dark red patterned dress from Primark is a fashion winning home run. Straight from the Atmosphere line by Primark, this jumper style party dress has 1960’s retro influences combined with a fabulous modern look to create one of the best looking summer and fall dresses money can buy.

Cream, Blue and Red Floral Dress (£32.00)
Cream, Blue and Red Floral DressWhen you are looking for the perfect dress that will meet your needs for any fun casual occasion, check out this magnificent dress from Primark’s online collection. This gorgeous throwback cream, blue and red floral dress has a sleeveless style that is perfect for those hot summer days and nights. With vibrant colourful flowers adorning the entire piece, this brilliant dress is a must own.

Animal Dressing Gown Girls/Boys Hooded Soft Fleece Robe (£13.99 – £14.99)

kids hoodieThis cute Animal Dressing Gown will fit girls and boys age 2 – 13. The soft fleece material is made of 100% Polyester. A great addition to the little one’s winter wardrobe, it will keep them warm to loung around in the evening. Sweet dreams almost guaranteed!

Floral Cut Away MIDI Dress (£15.00)

ladies floral MIDI dressBrand new from Atmosphere’s fantastic dress collection, this stunningly colourful cut away MIDI dress is a must buy. This gorgeous floral-styled sleeveless dress is made from 96% Viscose and 4% Elastane, so it is highly comfortable and stretchy. Show off your hip 70s retro style during the spring and summer seasons with this absolutely stunning MIDI dress from Atmosphere.

Red and Black Striped Dress (£26.00)
Ladies Red and Black Striped DressSupreme comfortability meets classic style in this lovely red and black striped dress from Primark is the perfect piece to add to your autumn wardrobe. This long sleeve jumper-style knitted dress is made of 100% cotton, making it such a comfortable and soft dress to wear. Plus, since it is machine washable, it is very easy to maintain and keep clean.

Black Peplum Dress (£6.50)
Black Peplum DressThis black peplum tunic dress from Primark’s online dress collection is simply beautiful. It combines the top design of late 1960s swinging fashion with a modern professional look. The circular pattern on the chest with the sleeveless design truly creates an image of pure sophisticated femininity. Perfect for any cocktail party or work event, this dress is a must for any modern woman’s wardrobe.

Blue Skater Dress With Belt (£3.99)
Blue Skater Dress With BeltStraight from the very highest in women’s fashion, this beautiful blue skater dress from Primark’s online catalogue is such a catch. The design is sleeveless, the shade of blue is stunning, and the thin tan belt around the waist is a nice touch. Perfect for any occasion, whether it be casual or formal, this lovely blue Primark dress is simple perfection.

Black Veil Brides Rebel Wings Dress (£17.99)

smart black dressAdd this Black Veil Brides Rebel Wings dress to your look and, well, expect all eyes on you. Look at its awesome style, not only does it have the BVB finishing touch but it also has an alluring shape that will definitely get you noticed. Comes in sizes 8 to 12.

Atmosphere Retro Zig Zag Dress (£10.99)
Ladies Atmosphere Retro Zig Zap DressThis incredible, 1960s retro zig zag dress from Atmosphere is a knockout and perfect for any woman who wants to present herself in sexy style. With a tunic style and a Missoni-inspired print design, the dress makes a beautiful addition to any ladies wardrobe. Plus, this awesome pink, blue and purple hip length dress is made of 100% smooth polyester and it’s machine washable so it is both comfortable and easy to maintain.

Red Long Sleeve Party Dress (£6.99)
Red Long Sleeve Party DressClassic style meets modern design with this beautiful long sleeve red party dress from Primark’s online ladies catalogue. Almost reminiscent of a bygone Shakespearean era, this gorgeous dress is a wardrobe piece for the ages. The deep red colour is breathtaking, and the small, skinny buckle belt around the waist adds a modern flair. To purchase this remarkable piece of clothing today, click on the link below.

Stylish Bright Red Mini Dress (£8.80)
Stylish Bright Red Mini DressThis breathtaking bright red mini dress from Primark’s online collection is a must have for any ladies wardrobe. The stunning shoulder cut design of the top is both classic and beautifully modern, and the shorter length creates the perfect amount of allure and reveal. The brilliant red and magenta colour of this piece alone is enough to turn some heads. Buy it online from Primark today!

Atmosphere Ladies Floral Printed Vintage Sun Dress (£7.99)

floral patternBeautiful, sleeveless new black multi coloured floral summer strappy dress with button detail on neck. It features a side zip fastening and the material is 97% cotton 3% Elastane. The dress is machine washable. And very handy are the adjustable straps and elasticated panel at back! Length : 33 inches approx taken from top of shoulder to hem. Get prepared for those lovely, warm spring days!

Lovely Beige and Red Striped Dress (£4.99)

ladies red and white striped dressThis gorgeous light beige and red striped ladies dress from Primark’s Denim Co. collection is an absolute must buy for the spring and summer season. The top combines halter style with spaghetti neck strap for a sexy feminine look, and the colors are completely fitting for a nice sunny day. If you want to buy this fabulous knee length summer dress today, simply click on the “Buy Now!” button below.

rebel clothingThis universally flattering essential will definitely give you a stunning look. The dress features a flattering, boat neckline and the top has a repeated motorbike print. 3/4 length sleeves and a buttoned back with contrasting trim, elasticated waist and buttons complete this lovely outfit. Material: 50% cotton, 50% modal.

blue laceThis Lace Style Party Dress in Body Con Style is a poly blend of materials and fully lined. 29″ from shoulder to hem, it will show off your sculpted legs to perfection! Work magic into your evening out with this subtly alluring mini dress!

black and white crazyPrimark has the hippest, most in style women’s dresses available for online purchase. Take this awesome comic strip style dress for example. This black and white style is more popular than ever these days, bearing classic comic phrases like “Zap!” and “Bam!” This dress will shows off your fun and quirky side, and it is sure to turn some heads as your walking down the street.

butterfly dressWhether it be spring summer or autumn, a fun sun tunic dress can be the best thing to wear out on the town. This beautiful blue butterfly tunic dress is an absolutely gorgeous addition to any lovely lady’s wardrobe. It has a wide low neck to add a bit of old fashioned flair, and the colored butterfly designs on the dress are just adorable!

Orange and White Ruffle DressDelicate chiffon in a soft floral design is always timeless. The vintage rose print gives this Young Dimension girl’s dress, by Primark a shabby chic look. Although the dress is cut into tiers, the beautiful flower pattern remains undisturbed and flowing. Due to the sheer nature of chiffon, the dress itself is lined. However, the sleeves remain unlined, making this dress perfect for warmer weather. Little lasses can have tea or fairytale adventures in such a garment.

Maxi Dresses (out of stock)

Primark Maxi DressGet whisked away and head to the beach in a summer holiday maxi dress. While this style of dress is usually considered informal and casual, the unique, Greek print and design pictured, definetly has a more sensual look. The bodice is made of smocked elastic for a supportive fit, while the ankle length skirt is asymmetrical and hangs in a handkerchief manner. Twirl in the wind or roll with the tides in this number

Maxi Dress from UK StoreNo longer available for purchase in stores, we found this listed on eBay. The vibrant shades of pink, gold, and turquoise creates a trendy, chevron inspired effect. The v-neckline is adorn with sequins trim leading to a high cut, smocked waistline. A downward print as seen on this dress, will enhance a figure and add length. Just the smallest amount of embellishment can glamorize the most casual of cuts.
Long Sleeve Maxi DressA bit difficult to find, long sleeves are perfect for cooler spring and fall weather. The one pictured sold out very quickly in the past, and we can see why. With its unique tiers of geometric patterns, floral designs, and paisley prints, this dress is perfect for any gal with a bohemian spirit. The soft denim hues, along with the pink and purple colors will leave people asking if the item is vintage.

Woman's Dress from PrimarkSpring must be around the corner when the nautical theme items hit the shelves. The black and white dress featured is busy to say the least! The contrasting series of horizontal stripes creates a Doppler Effect, brightened by a neon pink, skinny belt. This dress would be equally impressive with a red contrasting belt. While not everyone can pull off horizontal stripes, the dress is figure flattering with its stretchy, jersey fabric and calf hemline.

Black & White Dress for SaleClassic black and white is as elegant as ever in this silhouette patterned, shift dress. The floral black print creates an overlay illusion, giving this dress a spark of sophistication. The neckline and sleeveless arms are trimmed with black piping, for a simple, yet super sleek design. The store carries a variety of dresses for women, and this one is pretty as a picture! Just above the waistline there is a classy and modest sized cut out in the back.
Primark's BlouseBecome a blast from the past in this Twiggy-inspired shift dress. Made of soft knit, this dress has a small textured pattern throughout, and open detailing around the hemlines. The large scoop neck is made to hang loose off the shoulders in the front and back. While this particular number is a bit dull with its neutral taupe color, it can be easily livened up with chunky bracelets from a quick stop at the store’s jewellery section.

Former Lace Dresses

Primark Lace DressesBeige is anything but boring in this stunning number! With its soft delicate fabrics, this dress is very feminine and suitable for more special occasions. The bodice is made of a polyester lace panel with scallop edging. The skirt has dainty sheer layers that fall knee length, giving this Primark dress a float like appearance. Although the dress is lined, it still keeps that sensual, sheer look without the see thru.

Primark Lace DressThis timeless lace dress can be transformed from a conservative party dress to a trendy skater dress with just some simple accessories. From a previous season, this outfit is a versatile fashion piece. Throw in some fun leggings, chunky jewellry, and a hat for an 80s costume. Pair it with pearls and a cardigan for a special occasion. It features pretty fabric cover buttons down the back. The lace is lined throughout, with the exception of the sleeves.
Pretty White Lace OutfitA prim and crisp dress that will have you feeling pretty in pink. The dazzling piece here is made of baby pink, lace fabric. With its fit and flare cut, this style of dress is made to flatter the female physique. To keep up the feminine look, the dress comes with a camisole lining. The pull on design will eliminate zipper snags. This gorgeous dress is ready to tackle special occasions on a shoestring budget.

Former Styles for Children

Girls Dress from PrimarkPrecious as can be, this dress is fit for a little angel! This knitted sweater dress has an a-line design. The ribbed, turtleneck will keep those little lassies warm on cool days. With wide, flutter angel sleeves, a long sleeved shirt will create a lovely layering effect. Add some tights to keep those legs safe from the chilly air and you’ve got the perfect fall dress. Purple not tickling your fancy? Primark made these dresses for girls in different colors.

Pink Outfit for a Little GirlHow fun is this summer outfit? What a blast little girls will have playing in this casual style by Girl2Girl, a private label from Primark. The bodice is contrasting hot pink and white stripes, with an off-the-shoulder, ruffled neckline. While the twirly skirt is white with bitty, hot pink polka dots. A large shocking pink waist band separates the prints, so onlookers won’t get too dizzy from all the twirling and whirling. This design was available in different colors.
yellow summer dressGetting ready for summer has never been more fun and stylish than with this yellow top. This adorable little sun dress is perfect for your daughter or niece, and it’s the perfect way to get them excited for the bright warm days of summer. It comes in a beautiful shade of soft yellow material with a pretty flower embroidered over the chest, making this top vibrant, festive and very comfortable. (Image provided by seller kellie.gid on
grey pink patterned dressSmall dresses have never looked cuter with this gray patterned dress for girls. This adorable piece is ideal for those late summer days, combining a warm shade of gray with pink lines and small white designs fashioned in at the collar and the bottom of the dress. The dress, perfect for girls ages 10 to 12, is both comfortable and fashionable, and is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. (Image provided by seller gclancy13)

Professional Dress Ideas

green flap dressThis breathtaking aqua green top is the ultimate design for the modern day professional working woman. Walking into your office wearing this will demand attention and respect from your coworkers. The side hip flaps add a sense of flair to this dress, and the slightly cut chest adds a bit of sexy style to this professional formal fashion. This blue green colored dress is an absolute total knockout. (Image provided by seller moonlightmagic)

gray long sleeve dressCombine form and fashion, style and substance, warmth and wonder with this magnificent gray wool top. Just look at that wide baggy thick collar, mixing that warm winter sweater look with the long, sexy form fitting design of the long sleeves and dress skirt. This dress is both artsy and practical for fall and winter weather, and the intricately beautiful gray colored texture is simply ravishing. (Image provided by seller mutleydog2006)
quarter sleeve embroidered dressStep into your fashion time machine and check out this incredibly beautiful vintage, yet modern blue layered dress from the throwback collection. This Victorian style dark blue dress fits both a much older decade of fashion and our very own decade today. The white embroidered vertical designs on the chest give the whole piece a sense of bold beauty and high fashion. (Image provided by seller bargainclothes2013)
blue white polka dot dressWho’s that girl? It’s you! This adorable and sexily chic dress from Primark is perfectly retro, hip and very attractive. With polka dotted cream colored circles against a dark navy blue background, this dress gorgeous and something you might find in modern day Williamsburg, Brooklyn or East London. It is a simple design with a lot of flavor! (Image provided by seller discountwomensclothing2012)
Primark peplum violet dressFeast your eyes on this fantastically fashionable purple peplum dress from the eclectic Atmosphere collection. Made with two sets of sexy straps, both internal and external, this smooth, silky dress is perfect for any night out on the town or afternoon in the city with friends. Covering the fashion bases, from sleek to professional, this violet women’s dress would go perfect with any pair of sleek shoes. (Image provided by seller redlipstick.0)

Pictures not Available for Below

Atmosphere Zebra Print Mini Dress (£7.95)This enchanting Zebra Print Mini Dress is made of 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane, soft and comfortable to wear, yet figure hugging for the universally flattering essential! Add this fashion highlight to your wardrobe for your most stunning look!

Atmosphere New Ex Daisy Print Cotton Dress (£8.95)

This gorgeous summer dress comes in colours blue, black or red. It’s made of 100% cotton and comes in sizes 6 to 20. A timeless wardrobe essential – your beauty solution to a stunning look!

Atmosphere New Ex Faux Leather With Studs Dress (£9.95)

Very exotic, this lovely faux leather dress made of 100% Polyurethane, 70% Viscose & 30% Polyester. The lining is 100% Polyester Satin. It comes in sizes 8 to 16. You are sure to make an entrance with this fashion-fab black dress!

Resist, Revolt & Rebel Skater Dress (£24.95)

This alternative longsleeve dress comes in a range of children’s sizes and various colours. It has a fitted body and cascading skirt. Made from premium 100% interlock cotton which is gentle and stretchy. This garment can be machine washed up to 40°C and tumble dried on low.


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Twirly girl dresses 2017

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Twirly girl dresses 2017

Twirly girl dresses 2017

Twirly girl dresses 2017

Twirly girl dresses 2017

Twirly girl dresses 2017

Twirly girl dresses 2017

Twirly girl dresses 2017

Twirly girl dresses 2017

Twirly girl dresses 2017