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WOWSlider creates not only fantastic looking sliders but ones that are optimized for performance, accessibility, and built with all the latest features and functionality. WOWSlider allows you with the simple click of the mouse to make an endless amount of adjustments to your slider. Responsive slider with touch/swipe support? Full-width slider with thumbnail filmstrip and play/pause control? 3D effects and text descriptions? No problem! Even better, you have 50+ completely unique designs, 32 transitions to choose from and hundred of live demos that illustrate what you can achieve with WOWSlider.

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WOWSlider is free for non-commercial use. If you want to use WOWSlider on a school site, your non-commercial blog or non-profit organization website, just download WOWSlider and use it for free.

A license fee is required for commercial use. For more info about commercial licenses, please click here.

 What's new

Jan 22, 2016 WOWSlider v8.7

New templates: Angular, Epsilon

Support for retina screens

Fixed bugs with adding slides from Youtube and Flickr

Minor fixes

custom font

Sep 23, 2015 WOWSlider v8.6

New effect: Turn

GUI translation for Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish languages

Wordpress plugin is updated for latest version

Bug fixes

Aug 12, 2015 WOWSlider v8.4

GUI translation for Chinese, Dutch, French, German languages

Bug fixes

Jun 9, 2015 WOWSlider v8.2

Now you can add targets "_parent" and "_top" to your links

Added support ajax for Joomla 3.x versions

Fixed import from Youtube

Apr 28, 2015 WOWSlider v8.0

New templates: Stream, Utter

New effect: Shift

custom font

Now you can publish your sliders to free website maker and Google Drive

Mar 25, 2015 WOWSlider v7.8

New templates: Boundary, Dodgy

New fonts: Lora, Indie Flower

Updated Cube Over effect

PNG images with "Image fill color" bug fixed

Mar 5, 2015 WOWSlider v7.7

New templates: Rhomb, Zippy

New effects: Louvers, Cube Over

New fonts: Bitter, Khula

custom font

jQuery updated to 1.11.2

Fixed some problems with playing audio

Jan 30, 2015 WOWSlider v7.5

New templates: Convex, Fill

New effects: Lines, TV

New color and font size option for the description

custom font

Fixed problem with adding sound files

Jan 12, 2015 WOWSlider v7.4

New templates: Absent, Material

New effects: Carousel, Carousel Basic

New custom font option for the description

custom font

Dec 16, 2014 WOWSlider v7.3

New beautiful templates: Cursive, Slim, Bootstrap, Showy

Improved 'Insert to page' wizard with new interface

New interface - View result on-fly

Now you can set the description effect to 'none'

Oct 10, 2014 WOWSlider v6.7

Brand-new GUI - New right templates/effects panel and Live Preview window. See exactly how the slider will look "on-fly"

New interface - View result on-fly

Bug fixes

Sep 25, 2014 WOWSlider v6.6

New fantastic Glass Parallax, Bubbles, Dribbles effects and Twist skin

New Traces animation for descriptions

Now you can select several transitions for one slider and they will play randomly

Improved Seven, Photo, Kenburns, Squares effects - now much smoother

Bug fixes

Aug 27, 2014 WOWSlider v6.2

Support for Full-Width, Full-Screen layout

Full-Width, Full-Screen Slider

New Parallax effect for slides and descriptions

New "Animated" template

Bug fixes

Aug 14, 2014 WOWSlider v6.1

Support for YouTube and Vimeo video

Video Slider - YouTube and Vimeo

App interface face-lift - more flat and convenient

Fixed import from Photobucket

Bug fixes

July 22, 2014 WOWSlider v5.6

New 3D effect: Brick

New skin: Transparent

Improved touch-swipe support for native-like mobile experience

Most of effects are rewritten to use the hardware-accelerated animations

Wordpress plugin updated

Some errors fixed

June 18, 2014 WOWSlider v5.5

New skins: Megalopolis, Puzzle and Contour

Fixed problems with adding images from Flickr

Bug fixes

April 23, 2014 WOWSlider v5.4

New skins: Gentle, Easy and Tick

Support for music on mobile devices. Just slide image to start the playing. Please see our demo with music

Bug fixes

April 10, 2014 WOWSlider v5.3

New effects: Photo and Collage

New skin: Grafito

Improved the transition performance on mobile devices

Bug fixes

March 5, 2014 WOWSlider v5.1

New templates: Strict and Galaxy

Bug fixes

February 12, 2014 WOWSlider v5.0

New templates: Emerald, Glass and Turquoise

Responsive feature improved: descriptions, navigation arrows and filmstrips adapt to the viewing environment. See live demo

January 21, 2014 WOWSlider v4.9

New templates: Simple, Shuffle and Zoom

Cube transition effect is compatible with Internet Explorer 10 (and higher) now

Improved Book transition effect. Now it works with IE 9+

Bug fixes

November 1, 2013 WOWSlider v4.8

New templates: Sky, Salient and Dot

New transition effect: Seven

Book transition effect is compatible with Internet Explorer 10 now

Support for.png image files with preserving transparency. Please see our demo with transparent images. To preserve image transparency, you should disable "Image fill color" option at the Gallery->Properties->Images tab.

Wordpress plugin update: support for RTL mode and multi-sites mode; improved compatibility of new transition effects.

Bug fixes

October 2, 2013 WOWSlider v4.7

New templates: Pure, Box and Book

New transition effect: Book

Bug fixes

September 3, 2013 WOWSlider v4.5

New template: Fresh

New transition effect: Cube

Bug fixes

August 22, 2013 WOWSlider v4.4

New templates: Ionosphere, Luxury and Sunny

Updated transition effect: Page

Bug fixes

July 24, 2013 WOWSlider v4.2

New demos: Premium, Gothic, Chess

New transition effects: Page and Domino

Pause/Play option. See live demo:

Bug fixes

July 10, 2013 WOWSlider v4.0

New flat skins: Premium, Gothic, Chess

Improved templates: Metro, Balance.

Bug fixes

June 25, 2013 WOWSlider v3.9

New templates: Metro, Geometric, and Elegant

Improved templates: Plastic, Cloud and Calm.

May 22, 2013 WOWSlider v3.7

New templates: Surface and Vernisage

Now you can share your slider on Facebook

Bug fixes

April 11, 2013 WOWSlider v3.4

New templates: Plastic and Flat

Now you can export your slider jquery as a joomla 2.5 module

Bug fixes

March 20, 2013 WOWSlider v3.3

New templates: Studio and Push slider jquery

Background music for slideshow (mp3 file)

Updated Wordpress plugin

Improved support for old IE (IE6,7,8)

Minor GUI changes

Bug fixes

February 28, 2013 WOWSlider v3.0

New templates: Balance, Cloud, Drive, Subway

Support for new jQuery 1.9

Single-line iframe embed code. When you "publish to folder", the app additionally creates iframe_index.html containing the Single-line iframe code to embed to your page.
Use this method to ease the slider insertion or prevent possible CSS/JS conflicts

Filmstrip scroll speed reduced with large number of thumbnails

Support for.png image files

Fade effect for description

"Image fill color" option was added. Now you can control the color of empty areas around the images

Bug fixes

January 9, 2013 WOWSlider v2.8

New templates: Silence, Dominion, Calm

Updated export to Wordpress html slideshow

Compatibility of "Filmstrip" with iOS and Android was improved

November 11, 2012 WOWSlider v2.7

Updated WP plugin

Minor fixes

October 19, 2012 WOWSlider v2.6

New templates: Prime Time, Dark Matter, Catalyst jQuery Banner Rotator, jQuery Picture Slider

"Random order" option to play slides randomly

"Filmstrip" image scroller option for thumbnails with touch swipe support

"Thumbnail size" option

"Change Effect" buttons with every online slider demo - Test available effects

Chinese translation for site

Bug fixes

August 22, 2012 WOWSlider v2.5

New Quiet template

New Rotate effect - see Javascript Slideshow demo

New Elastic Move effect for description

July 19, 2012 WOWSlider v2.4

Bug fix version

Updated guide and video How to Insert WOWSlider in Wordpress

May 25, 2012 WOWSlider v2.3

WOWSlider is fully responsive now, see responsive slider demo

New Elemental, Shady, Numeric template

Fixed conflict with previously installed sliders in Wordpress

Bug fixes

March 30, 2012 WOWSlider v2.1

Fully accessible as a 100% CSS Slideshow, if the Javascript is turned off

Improved import to Wordpress

New Aqua template

New Flip effect

"Delay between slides" and "Effect duration" maximum increased to 60 sec

"Use relative paths to image in project" option

"On-demand image loading" option - good for slow servers or large number of images (see huge jQuery Slideshow demo with 100+ slides)

Option to set page color

Parameter to start from specified image or random image

Parameter to run slideshow in specified or random order

Image settings panel is always visible

Fixed bug with "Preserve aspect ratio" on Mac

Updated translations: Bulgarian, Finnish, Gujarati, Indonesian, Montenegrin, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Ukraine

October 27, 2011 WOWSlider v2.0

New Blur effect - see bootstrap slider demo

New Terse template

"Remove frame and shadow" option

Sinhalese interface translations

September 30, 2011 WOWSlider v1.9

Improved Ken Burns slider effect - now much smoother

Option to disable a right-click on slides

Japanese and Hebrew interface translations

Now you can add more than one slideshow to Joomla

Improved support for swipe touch events for iOs / Android

"stopOn" parameter - defines the number of slide to stop on.

List for target parameter added

June 22, 2011 WOWSlider v1.7

New Stack, Stack Vertical, Basic Linear effects - check jQuery Carousel, HTML5 Slider, CSS Slideshow demos

New templates - Digit and Mac

Now you can stop slider after one loop

Now you can specify target for images links in WOWSlider app

Support for swipe touch slider events for iPhone / iPad / Android

March 16, 2011 WOWSlider v1.5

New Ken Burns transition effect - Ken Burns Slideshow demo

Now you can control position of navigation bullets one the page

Now you can pause slider on mouseover

Improvements in 'Insert to Page' wizard: now you can specify unique ID for the each slider and add several sliders to one page

February 15, 2011 WOWSlider v1.3

Now you can create thumbnail preview for bullet navigation

Also you can export Joomla slideshow module.

Picassa support. Add Picassa album or a single photo to your slider gallery.

Description support for Photobucket and Flickr

January 20, 2011 WOWSlider v1.1

New Slices, Fly and crazy Blast effects - jQuery CSS Slider, Photo Slider and Online Photo Slideshow demos

New templates - Flux, Pinboard and Mellow

December 3, 2010 - First release!


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