Sick of lagerfeld

  • Karl Lagerfeld, 83, is the head designer of Chanel and sick pet parent of Choupette, a five-year-old Birman cat
  • Choupette is a social media celebrity in her own right, with tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter
  • Now, German toy maker Steiff has partnered with Lagerfeld to create an expensive, limited-edition Choupette replica
  • Lagerfeld's online store also touts tons of other pricey Choupette merchandise

Published: 20:17 BST, 10 May 2017 | Updated: 21:32 BST, 10 May 2017




If you thought you loved your pet more than anyone else in the world, think again. 

Fashion design legend Karl Lagerfeld has proven the ultimate devotion to his pet cat by immortalizing her in the form of an expensive plush toy.

Choupette, 83-year-old Lagerfeld's Birman cat, has been transformed into a luxurious, limited-edition stuffed animal by German toy makers Steiff - complete with a hefty price tag of 5. 

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Father and daughter: Karl Lagerfeld, 83, recently partnered with toy maker Steiff to create a 5 replica of his beloved cat, Choupette

A certified princess: The Choupette plush toy, now available for pre-order, comes with a mouse accessory and a stylish carrying case

Blue-eyed beauty: The real Choupette is as stylish as they come - she even cruises the streets of Paris in her very own Louis Vuitton pet carrier 

An uncanny likeness: The toy makers at Steiff truly captured Choupette's sweet expression and majestic aura

The stuffed Choupette comes with a magnetic mouse, a 'chic' carry case, and a certificate of authenticity. Alas, she does not come with the two personal maids that the real Choupette is reported to have tending to her every whim.  

Shockingly, the new Choupette toy is but the latest in a long series of pricey merchandise based on the Chanel designer's famous cat.

Karl Lagerfeld's online store boasts 42 different items inspired by Choupette, many of them featuring her blue-eyed likeness.

For 5, you can fill your home with the fragrance of a Choupette-themed candle. For 6, Choupette will carry your work lunch in a colorful tote bag. For 5, a Choupette sweater will keep you warm as though the fluffy cat were sitting in your lap.

Of course, cat-lovers on a budget can indulge in Choupette's book. For, you can read up on the 'Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat' and learn what it takes to become just as fabulous as Choupette herself.

Smell like Choupette: For 5, this Choupette candle can be yours. The jury is still out on whether or not it is litter-box scented

From head to toe: For an instant injection of fabulousness into your life, consider the Choupette tote bag (5) or a sweater (5)

Study up! will get you Choupette's guide to life, so you can read up and hope to someday be as fabulous as her

Though she has quite the famous father, the fashionable feline is a social media celebrity in her own right. On Instagram, more than 98,000 fans follow her every move. On Twitter, 51,000 tune in to hear her every thought.

Choupette is even on par with models like Kendall Jenner, as she has graced some of the most prestigious magazine covers in the world, including Lucky, Grazia, and both German and Brazilian Vogue.

Between candle sales and modeling gigs, Choupette is certainly earning her keep. A 2015 report from the New York Daily News claimed the feline raked in more than million - that's more than Cara Delevigne earned in the same year.

The Steiff Choupette plush toy is now available for pre-order, and is expected to ship out in early June. It could be the perfect gift for anyone in your life who has an 'attitude like a princess.'



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Sick of lagerfeld

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Sick of lagerfeld

Sick of lagerfeld

Sick of lagerfeld

Sick of lagerfeld

Sick of lagerfeld

Sick of lagerfeld

Sick of lagerfeld

Sick of lagerfeld

Sick of lagerfeld

Sick of lagerfeld