Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection

July 27th, 2017 by Karen 2 Comments

mac girls collection review top1Howdy, MAC Girls!

Hmm… Looks like a few palettes are missing from the new MAC Girls collection. (Coming soon! August 3rd!)

I see a Rockin’ Rebel, a Fashion Fanatic and a Mischief Minx…but where’s Feline Friend? Or Pooped Parent? Or Nutella Nut? Methinks MAC missed an opportunity. Those would have spoken to many real life MAC Girls.

mac girls collectionHey, girls, haaaaay!

Which MAC girl are you?

MAC’s limited edition MAC Girls collection contains six.50 palettes, each with eight eyeshadows and a big pan of highlighter. Every palette has a different personality. There’s Rockin’ Rebel, which is the one I’m wearing today, with blues, greens and golds. Mischief Minx, a.k.a. “the warm palette,” keeps cozy with toasty tones of orange, gold and brown. Fashion Fanatic flirts with bright berries, purples and pinks. Basic Bitch — the smokey palette — is a bad-@ss bevy of cool grays, purples and silvers. In Prissy Princess, pinks, grays, browns and taupes reign supreme. And Power Hungry is the only palette in the release that doesn’t have an alliterative name…and it’s bugging me because I can’t think of a catchy pun that starts with “P.” It’s the palette with neutral beiges, browns and bronze.

A couple things are jumping out at me. Like, I can’t remember the last time MAC released a collection that was exclusively comprised of palettes. Can you? Because their palettes are usually just one component of a larger launch, like they usually do for holiday. So that’s cool (and weird!).

mac rockin rebelI’m about as rebellious as a slice of cheese…but I’d still wear Rockin’ Rebel.

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July 27th, 2017 by Karen 1 Comment

lune aster sunrise moonrise palettesThe Lune + Aster Sunrise Bronzer & Blush Palette, and the Moonrise Glow & Contour Bronzing Palette ( each and available meow)

I think it’s so weird that some powder face products, like blush, bronzer and highlighter, seem to look better to me when I wear them with very minimal base products, like maybe just a sheer BB or CC cream, or even just bare skin.

Because the long-term makeup-addicted part of my brain expects them to look better layered on top of a full-coverage foundation or a medium-coverage tinted moisturizer.

lune aster sunrise moonrise palettesHave you ever seen a simultaneous Sunrise/Moonrise?

First time I wore these Lune + Aster face duos (one is the Moonrise Glow + Contour Bronzing Palette, and the other is the Sunrise Bronze & Blush Duo), I wore them on top of a full face of makeup — primer, medium-coverage foundation, concealer and powder, and I thought the powder grains looked a little heavy. In the case of the highlighter, it looked frosty and obvious.

Not flattering.

Then I tried the same products on top of the Lune + Aster CC Cream, and it was a bold nude squirrel! The highlighter looked dainty and delicate, and the blush gave me a natural-looking flush. Even the bronzer, which I was a little iffy about at first. It thought it would be a little too cool-toned and sparkly for me, but it looked downright good on a that light base.

What’s up with that?

Lune + Aster makeup is made for looks that can be done in mere minutes, and apparently the powders are formulated to flatter skin wearing minimal base makeup.

lune aster sunrise moonrise kI’m wearing a mix of the blush and bronzer from the Sunrise Bronzer & Blush Palette on the apples of my cheeks, and the lighter shade from the Glow & Contour Bronzing Palette on my upper cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose and on my Cupid’s bow.

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July 27th, 2017 by Karen 14 Comments

hourglass confession lipstick reviewI love these new Hourglass lipsticks to bits.

Two more days ’til National Lipstick Day! national-lipstick-day-2017

I must confess… Sometimes when I drink too much coffee, which I did today, I get so hyper that 1) I annoy myself, and 2) my hands get really sweaty, and when my hands get sweaty, I have a hard time opening the Hourglass Confession Lipsticks.

They look so cool, but man! — they’re slick.

hourglass confession lipstick packagingA bullet you don’t want to dodge…

Shout-out to the person (or peeps) who decided to put these in bullet-shaped packaging, though. Very clever. 🙂 A bullet-shaped case with a lipstick bullet inside? Oh, the symbolism. The layers within layers. That kind of thing gets me every time (it’s the former English major in me).

hourglass confession lipstick refillOh, hai!

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July 26th, 2017 by Karen 7 Comments

best of space nk exclusive editThe Best of Space mac haute dogs fall makeup collection NK Set, a.k.a. “The Out-of-This-World Bestsellers,” a sweet six-piece set of Space NK bestselling products available now during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale through August 6th.

Did someone say “sale?”

I’m there!

It’s moments like this when I realize that I am truly my mother’s daughter. 🙂

It’s that time of year again. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (I LOVE THE DANCING ON THEIR WEBSITE) is happening right now. You can score fab fall clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty products, including some exclusive sets, at steep discounts.

This one, which is kind of weird in that it contains six Space NK bestsellers, but it’s exclusively available at Nordstrom (kind of like how some JCPenney stores have a Sephora inside them), is on sale for 9 (a 7 value). And it comes with a chic bag!

After August 6th, all of the sale prices at Nordy’s go back up again, so it’s a good time to stock up on things you know you’ll use (I bought a sht-ton of these Caslon tees and a couple of Zella High Waisted Leggings!). It’s also a good chance to grab a beauty set or two, because some brands will bundle items together and slash the price, like the Best of Space NK Set. It’s exclusive to the Anniversary Sale and comes with six items (seven including the bag), five which are full-size.

The only thing that isn’t full-size is the bottle of Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment, which is more of a deluxe sample-size. It’s about half the size of the regular bottle (which costs 5 all by itself), so it’s not that small.

best of space nk exclusvie edit 2Everything except the Sunday Riley Good Genes is full-size.

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boots beautiful quick thinking wipesThese are fab!

🎵 These Boots were made for walking…right into your makeup bag! 🎵

I found the best makeup wipes! — and better still, they’re totes affordable and available right down the street at the drugstore. They’re the Boots No. 7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes for All Skin Types, and I randomly picked up a pack one day on a whim at Target because I ran out of the Pixi wipes I’ve been using since last month.

I also wanted to try something new (story of every beauty junkie’s life, am I right?). As luck would have it, they’re amaze-balls! They’re quite possibly the best makeup wipes I’ve ever used.

First, the important stuff: they’re fragrance-free and remove everything, even long-wearing and waterproof stuff. They also do it in the blink of an eye and don’t leave a greasy film behind (like so many heavy-duty wipes do, like the ones from MAC, which had been my makeup wipe standard bearer for years).

The thing I love most about these is that I don’t have to tug or rub at my skin at all. It’s all about light swipes, and that removes all of my makeup. I’m talking ALL OF IT. I’ve even used these on my water lines in a pinch and didn’t experience any irritation.

OK, so, you know how most wipes feel almost dry? They’re just slightly wet? They feel like they don’t have a lot of makeup remover in them? Well, Boots isn’t chintzy like that because these feel wet.

I was gonna type “moist,” but then I remembered how much I hate that word… Moist, moist, moist. The more you say it, the weirder it sounds. Blech!

Anyway, I never expected to ever get this excited about makeup wipes, but I’ve tried my share, and these are straight-up exceptional. They’re also a pretty good price, but you gotta get them in a two-pack to get the best value. Both Ulta and Target charge.99 for a two-pack of 30 wipes each (60 wipes total), which works out to 18 cents per wipe.

Not bad, right? If you get them in a single pack of 30 wipes for.99, you pay a little more.

For comparison, my previous holy grail wipes from MAC, which I used to buy in bulk (and which are still great, but I think the Boots ones are better at removing waterproof mascara), are 29 cents per wipe.

Who gets excited about affordable makeup wipes? THIS GIRL RIGHT HURR. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection


Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection

Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection

Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection

Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection

Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection

Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection

Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection

Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection

Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection

Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection

Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection

Mac haute dogs fall makeup collection