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She may be playing a scheming bride in her new romcom Something Borrowed, but in real life love is where it’s at for Kate Hudson. Here she opens up about her Brit rocker boyfriend Matt Bellamy, her famous extended family and feathering her nest for baby number two

Kate Hudson

'I've always wanted lots of children. I love being a mum. Mum once said that as soon as your kids come out, they don't belong to you any more: your job is to prepare them for independence,' said Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson greets me with a hug in her Los Angeles hotel suite. We’ve met several times before and I’ve been a fan since her debut aged 21, when she gave a delightful, Oscar-nominated performance as groupie Penny Lane in director Cameron Crowe’s 2000 rock ’n’ roll film Almost Famous. Goldie Hawn’s girl kate proved from the start that acting was in her DNA. She had inherited both the charm and talent of her legendary mother.

Pregnant and glowing, 32-year-old Kate is halfway through lunch when I arrive.

‘Caesar salad is my big craving – and grapefruit,’ says the actress, whose boyfriend is Matt Bellamy, lead singer and guitarist of the rock band Muse. (He thanked his ‘beautiful, pregnant girlfriend’ on stage when accepting the Best Rock Album Grammy earlier this year for The Resistance.)

‘Relationships take work, whereas loving your children doesn’t’

Kate met 32-year-old Brit Matt a year ago at Coachella, a music festival in California. Actually, they had come across each other a couple of years earlier in Australia, when Kate was filming the hit comedy Fool’s Gold with Matthew McConaughey.

‘No, I wasn’t a Muse fan,’ she admits, explaining that she was introduced to Matt backstage by a mutual friend. ‘But they’re awesome. I couldn’t believe I had never heard of them. I remember saying hello to him for a brief second; I didn’t meet him again until Coachella.’

We’re here to talk about her latest film, Something Borrowed, and Kate looks gorgeous, her trademark blonde hair tumbling down her back. Pregnancy clearly suits her. She’s dressed in a loose white Martin Margiela top over narrow black trousers and precariously high shoes.

‘I love heels,’ she says. ‘When I was pregnant with Ryder I wore them all the way up to the end.’ (Ryder is her seven-year-old son with her ex-husband Chris Robinson, lead singer of the Black Crowes.)

Kate Hudson and boyfriend, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy
Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Kate with her Muse frontman partner Matt Bellamy, left, and her folks, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, right

Because of her own distinctive style, the name Kate Hudson evokes a hippie/rock-chick image, seemingly not the kind of woman who would be drawn to the responsibilities of parenthood. Yet she’s a no-nonsense mother who is devoted to her family.

‘I’ve always wanted lots of children,’ says Kate, who had her son at 24. ‘I love being a mum. Mum once said that as soon as your kids come out, they don’t belong to you any more: your job is to prepare them for independence. It’s the best job in the world.

‘When I was married to Chris (they divorced in 2007 after nearly seven years) we were so happy and I wanted to be a young mum. Ryder has these lively, wonderful grandparents (Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell). My mum’s going to outlive all of us,’ she laughs.

Kate’s biological father is musician Bill Hudson, a member of pop/rock band the Hudson Brothers. He split up with Goldie when Kate was a baby. She has always considered Kurt to be her dad. Kate has an older brother, Oliver Hudson, a younger stepbrother, Boston, from Kurt’s previous marriage, and a younger half-brother, Wyatt, Goldie and Kurt’s son. Her parents kept the children out of the limelight when they were small, but Kate never considered another career: ‘I had the performance bug, from singing to dancing to telling stories.’

Motherhood hasn’t halted the momentum of Kate’s career, which also includes the box-office hit How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, again with Matthew McConaughey. She then starred in the musical Nine, displaying her dancing and singing skills, and the dark drama The Killer Inside Me from British director Michael Winterbottom.

Returning to the mainstream comedy arena that has defined her CV so far, in Something Borrowed Kate plays the despicable Darcy, a beautiful but vain woman who is marrying a wealthy man (Colin Egglesfield) that she doesn’t really love. Her character is shockingly calculating (while trying on her bridal gown she fakes tears to test her mascara, as she plans to cry on her big day).

‘No, this character is nothing like me!’ exclaims Kate. ‘She’s so selfish. Playing her is so much fun.’

To complicate things further, Darcy’s best friend Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) is having an affair with Darcy’s fiancé. Both female characters have seriously skewed morals, although Rachel is at least plagued with guilt. It all adds up to a hilariously complex web of deceit and an entertaining story about friendship, loyalty and love.

Something Borrowed

Kate in her latest movie Something Borrowed with, from left, John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin and Colin Egglesfield

‘I’m a believer in people living their lives with their hearts,’ says Kate, defending Rachel’s motives. ‘Sometimes it means the decisions you make aren’t necessarily going to be the ones that people will approve of, but in the long run they will make you happy. People do horrible things – a woman runs away with a married guy, but then you see the relationship last for 25 years. I’m all for being honest. If you fall in love, rules go out of the window.’ 

Motherhood, says Kate, changed her approach to post-divorce relationships.

‘I think you understand what unconditional love is,’ she says. ‘Relationships take work, whereas loving your children doesn’t take that kind of work.’ 

Was she looking for a serious relationship when she met Matt?

‘Probably, yeah. But it took a while. I was happy being single when we met unexpectedly, but then again, that’s kind of when it happens. Matthew’s wonderful,’ she sighs dreamily.  ‘He is amazing with my son and I feel very lucky.’

Her ex, Chris Robinson, who is 12 years older than her, has remarried and has a one-year-old daughter, Cheyenne Genevieve.

‘To co-parent is as much work as marriage. We still have our family. Maybe it’s not a traditional family, but it does work. I’ve been a single mum, I pay the bills, I put the food on the table; it takes a lot of work and balance. Hopefully, you marry people you respect, because then if the relationship doesn’t work out you have the foundation of actually liking that person.’

As far as step-parenting goes, Kate and her new partner couldn’t wish for better role models than Goldie and Kurt. Growing up, she experienced wealth and privilege but also stability. ‘I have the most unconventional family in the world,’ she laughs. Goldie – whose career has included such classic comedies as Shampoo, Private Benjamin and Overboard (with Kurt) is now 65; Kurt, 60, is most famous for his roles in Silkwood, Escape From New York and Stargate.

‘My mum was married twice before she met Kurt; he was married before too,’ says Kate. ‘We had a great childhood but we were not spoilt, we were “chore kids”. We’d have stars on the walls for doing housework. My parents were proud that I had no desire to get into the Hollywood scene. I grew up around people who were famous and behaved badly, and I didn’t want any part of it. I found Hollywood and fame ridiculous.’

What is so likable about Kate is her positive attitude.

‘Mum is a Buddhist,’ she says (describing herself as ‘spiritual’). ‘She has taught me to look at life as lessons to be learned: we all experience love and disappointment, laughter and pain. Her philosophy has stopped me from becoming cynical, which squashes the good things. If you focus on positivity and honesty, you’ll be happy.’

A while ago, I interviewed her parents. Goldie spoke warmly about the daughter who grew up in her shadow: ‘It was tough for Kate because I was always the one getting the attention,’ she said.

‘You want people to say how beautiful your little girl is. One of the hardest things I had to do was help her to understand how strong she is. It’s a joy having a daughter like Kate, who’s such a good human being. The fact that she’s a movie star,’ said her proud mother, ‘well, that’s just the luck of the draw.’  

‘I do have a great family,’ says Kate. ‘We all live within seven blocks of each other (in the exclusive Pacific Palisades). My mum is five houses down the street. We have just been to the Alps together. My dad and I went skiing, mum went to the spa, and everyone was mad at me because I was pregnant and heading for the slopes. I said, “You can’t come to the Alps and not ski!”’

Home, she says, will continue to be LA, where Matt and Kate have been seen house-hunting in Malibu. ‘Ryder goes to school here, his dad lives here with his family. But,’ she adds, ‘we will spend a lot of time in England.’ (The couple have reportedly bought a house in North London.)

‘I love London. No one bothers me. If you have bodyguards and you’re wearing Gaultier to get a cup of coffee, people will stop and stare, but when I go for a run in Hyde Park wearing sweats, nobody cares.’ 

Despite her strong maternal instincts, Kate seems drawn to the gypsy lifestyle. Does that account for the rock stars she seems attracted to?

‘There’ve only been two,’ she points out. ‘I married one and we had a baby, and now I’m with another wonderful musician.’ (Other ex-boyfriends include actor Owen Wilson and cyclist Lance Armstrong.) Isn’t it hard to raise children in the music world?

‘It’s hard living out of a suitcase and creating the right atmosphere for your family, but there are bands that tour 150 days of the year without stopping, and there are bands (I assume she means Muse) that tour for a couple of weeks, then take a couple of weeks off. That’s more manageable when you have a family.’ 

She won’t say whether her boyfriend has proposed. Would she consider marrying a second time?

She sighs. ‘I love the idea of celebrating your love for someone but it’s not going to make anything better than it already is. My parents aren’t married and they’ve done just fine. I don’t see it as something I need to do. I’ve had one child and one divorce – it’s not necessarily a golden ticket.’ She smiles and fixes me with her twinkling blue eyes and beguiling smile. ‘But I wouldn’t count it out!’

Something Borrowed will be released on 6 May


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Kate hudson to launch green hair care products

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Kate hudson to launch green hair care products

Kate hudson to launch green hair care products

Kate hudson to launch green hair care products

Kate hudson to launch green hair care products

Kate hudson to launch green hair care products

Kate hudson to launch green hair care products

Kate hudson to launch green hair care products

Kate hudson to launch green hair care products

Kate hudson to launch green hair care products

Kate hudson to launch green hair care products

Kate hudson to launch green hair care products

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