How to wear saree easy way

Sarees have stuck around since centuries and how to wear saree easy way a here to stay till centuries to come.It's won't be an exaggeration to admit that a saree isn't an outfit but a choice.When it comes to sarees,they are an outfit worn with age no bar.While pre partition saree was an outfit for the young girls and the ladies alike,post partition with the advent of salwar suits a saree got confined to young women in her late teens to the grown up women. But the wheel of time running in it's course of time brought back the craze of Nine yard back in full vogue,From toddlers wearing sarees in fancy dress competition and plays,to teenagers exhausting their night's sleep and Internet Packs on which saree to wear on farewell,to the bridesmaids look at every nook and corner for a glamorous saree for the big day,to the newly weds and offcourse the much loved grandmoms who's sarees we grew up adoring,everyone of us are in an awe of this versatile drape.

With the changing times saree has changed a lot,not just the embroidery,the motifs,beads,patterns and the sequins but also the length,the fabric and the draping style.Though a saree still engulfs beautifully every single change it has been going through since all this time,it is always open to innovation,be with it's embroideries or the draping style.There's no boundary of imagination or innovation to which a saree is limited,while to some designers a saree's versatility is a muse,to some a saree is the epitome of sensuality that defines a women's curves and edges.Also there are few designers who think sarees are the most underrated cloth ever,they are being devoid of the fame and glory they deserve on the international frame,for they make it to be one of the most ancient outfit that could still make it to everyday life.Though India being sucha a geographically diverse nation,sometimes alienates people from the cultural values and the food,a saree is worn almost naturally in every region of the country and the neighbouring countries with little or negligible difference at times.Connecting women through an unspoken taste in sarees or in draping style.A bond that goes beyond understanding of men.

A DIY guide to being a diva

Thankgoodness to the designers and their efforts that sarees have evolved their draping style suiting ones needs,shape and reservations.While one can effortlessly wear a silk saree with bountiful of gold(,temple gold or otherwise)with no second thought,for a cotton saree someone with ample body shape and size is advised to think twice,for a cotton saree is known to volumize the shape and gives illusion of a women being fuller.A chiffon being the saree of high profile,an all time favourite saree of the Ranis,Maharanis and the blue blood babies is known to cling seductively to ones figure,by draping leisurely on ones frame,like a serpent clung to a tree,accentuating edges and curves that need to be bragged and distracting from the ones that deserve no role in flaunting the charisma of ones personality.A khadi saree though vintage,is the new favourite baby of the town,with the ongoing call for going all natural and desi,as an initiative to help the small time weavers and support their dying economy,socialites,bankers and long time bollywood divas to bollywood trendsetters everyone is spotted somewhere or other adorned in a khadi saree and minimal accessories in an occasion or two.A benarasi saree is a saree of special occasions,the hardwork and the expertise it takes in preparing a benarasi,while the effort it takes while saving it from everything that can harm the delicate texture is what makes it utmost important and dear to women,nonetheless the royal aura it carries with itself.One can wear a benarasi saree when it's less sweaty and more airy to avoid feeling stuffy in all the kundan and the gold.At the same time,sarees like satin,crepe and georgette are an all time party sarees while most embroideries done on traditional Indian sarees like Benarasi and silk sarees are done in gold thread and motifs which make them hard to ensemble with Diamond,gemstone, uncut diamond(kundan) jewellery or the non conventional designer jewellery.Satin and crepe sarees are not fixated in any such boundaries,the silky texture and the sheen makes them a huge time favourite for party goers,since it gets extremely easy to feel glamorous with or without adding a piece of jewellery to the look.The best part about these being unconventional is that one can play and be as innovative as can be with the blouse to suit ones glitterati diva or the seductress.

Did someone hear wedding bells??

Yes,the weddings bells are ringing and mirraw is ready to ease your every trousseau need at the click of a button.Wedding hypertension and the sleepless nights just after the date is announced,is no secret to anyone,we all have been through the same,some are going through it and some are eagerly waiting for it(no kidding).While sarees make an important part of every ritual related to the wedding and the once in a lifetime gala affair it is,one finds shopping for sarees especially extremely mind boggling and stressing for there's so much to buy in so less time.At times like these,When one bride is ruining her beauty sleep and her bride glow in wake of waking up early and gearing up for a shopping ritual that never seem to end,and another is crossing her fingers, praying hard to avoid sucha plight,it's when mirraw comes in picture to save all the brides,the bridesmaids,the mother of the bride and the driver from the wrath of a bride who's about to raise a hell.The designers at mirraw understand how a modern bride is traditional in her value system,yet she is fearless and open to unconventionality in different perspectives of her life and in choice of her sarees offcourse,for a bride like this,for the traditionalists,the modernised ones and the others mirraw has spectacular sarees in it's collection,ranging from vintage benarasi sarees with bootis in dull gold and bright,to chiffon sarees adorned with flower prints in pastels,crepe in colours like fuchsia pink and yellows to adore a newlywed to satin sarees with heavy embroidered borders to glamorise a reception party.While for the bridesmaid we have designer inspired bollywood sarees,in likes of Sonam kapoor and Jacqueline Fernández,in shimmering velvet pallus and the satins with unconventional blouses to pep up the look, for the mother of the bride we have silks in marvelous colours and designs and variety of colour combinations and embroideries to choose from.At mirraw there's an answer to every fashion query cos we believe innovation stops only where there is stagnation and at mirraw there's no place for that.

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Saree: the attire that spells elegance and poise….

This is the 21st Century, the Generation Y. today’s generation are more busy with aping the Western culture and with that, they seem to have forgotten their own origin. They copy the Westerners mostly in terms of clothing and dressing up. What most seem to have forgotten is that their own land has traditional attire which cannot match any other dress in terms of grace, allure and style. So today, let us become acquainted to the most beautiful and elegant attires of all time—a saree.

Saree: a forgotten culture

In today’s generation, where western wears dominate the wardrobes of all women, a saree has become a lost culture which is only remembered during times of occasions, also when you must absolutely wear a saree. But what people tend to forget is that an Indian woman looks her best in a saree and there is no doubt about that at all. Though in India now, sarees are only worn when there are major occasions like a wedding or something, one must be aware of the origin of this wonderful attire.

Saree: the origin

The saree dates back to the Harappan civilization when women used to drape these sarees without a blouse. That was the style they wore the saree in. gradually, as we became more and more civilized, we began to find new styles of wearing a saree and now, there are more than 10 ways in which you can drape these 9 yards of beauty. The usual way in which women wear a saree is around the midriff, maybe above or below the navel and then draping the pallu across the left shoulder. The pallu is either pleated to form a narrow sash-like structure or is kept loose and flowing and is usually clutched near the left elbow joint.

Saree: an overview

The saree is accompanied with a short cropped blouse, which, too, can be of different styles. To hold the saree tightly to your waist and also to give your petite figure a better look, a petticoat is worn underneath the saree. Initially, the petticoat used to be essentially plain so that the saree stands out clearly. People used to wear the same colored petticoat beneath the saree. The best feature of a saree is that there are plenty of materials which it is made up of. The better the material is, the more is the price of the saree. Famous fashion designers in India have all created their pieces of gem from the five yards to nine yards of fabric.

Saree: the types

Now that you have been re-acquainted with the saree and its ancient history, you would find it very interesting to know more about the materials that are used to make the sarees. Since sarees have been our attire for hundreds of years now, it is needless to say that the style and the manner of weaving a saree have changed a lot with the introduction of technology. Though the patterns being used are more or less the same, it is much less of an ordeal as technology has made it simpler. Now, let us delve into the various kinds of fabrics of the elegant 9 yeards and find out the specialty of each fabric.

Cotton sarees

It is a well-known fact that cotton is the most sought-after material for the summer season. With India’s humid tropical climate, cotton allows us to stay cool and free in the summer. Also, cotton sarees are far more manageable than other fabrics as the fabric is much lighter and the saree also becomes light that way. But there are many varieties of cotton sarees that Mirraw offers, some of which are pretty heavy themselves.

  • Jamdani: these cotton sarees hail from Uttar Pradesh. Another variety is available which is known as the “Dhakai Jamdani”, which is particularly woven in Dhaka, Bangladesh. These have a characteristic design of floral patterns with leaves. These sarees are pretty expensive owing to the amount of labor that is put in.
  • Gadwal: these sarees hail from west India and are mostly available in off and muted shades like gray, brown and off-white. The signature feature of this type of saree is the Zari work of diffused metallic colors such as gold, silver and copper.
  • Kota: a native of Rajasthan, this saree is weaved in the city of Kota. They are known for their light-weight and multi-gauge yarn. They sport a checkered transparent look and is an amazing piece as it is very easy to carry.
  • Sambalpuri: these sarees are woven in the Sambalpur district of Orissa and is known for their temple designs. They are tied and dyed at first and then given geometric shapes. They are hand woven sarees and that is why they can be fairly expensive.
  • Venkatpuri: they are mostly weaved in Andhra Pradesh and the signature style is white fine cotton fabric and a traditional golden border. These sarees are mostly worn on occasions in Andhra Pradesh.

Silk sarees

Silk sarees are the finest sarees that were ever made. Silk is one of the most expensive fabrics and for that reason, most silk sarees are of a really high range. Low priced silk sarees are available but the material would not at all be worth it. Silk sarees too have a number of variety and weaving style and are readily available on Mirraw.

  • Banarasi: this is the most popular and also the most expensive premium quality silk saree. Only the top quality silk is used to weave these magical drapes and are mostly quite colorful. In Bengal, the Banarasi saree, particularly red in color, is a must for the bride to be. The glamour of the Banarsi silk is unmatchable even today.
  • Kanchipuram: characterized by bright colors, floral and temple motifs, if there is anything that comes this close to the Banarasi silk quality, then it is definitely the Kanchipuram Silk. This is a natie of Karnataka where it is also called the Kanjeevaram. The specialty of this saree is that its body and its borders are weaved separately and then joined together at the seams. This is a true catch for any saree lover.
  • Bandhni: the signature handiwork of Gujarat, the bandhni is basically the simple tie and dye technique. The bandhni silk is done on raw silk of the most premium quality. BAndhni has a glamour and beauty of its own and that beauty coupled with the silk gives you the top quality silk saree.
  • Pashmina silk: though pashmina is a kind of cashmere wool, the saree that is made has one thread of pashmina wool and one thread of the superior quality silk. What you get is an awesome and pretty saree that goes far beyond the typical borders of beauty.

Apart from these, you also get a type of cotton silk sarees, a thread of cotton and then a thread os silk are woven together to produce a most wonderful and comfortable saree.

Georgette sarees

Georgette is another very common material used for weaving a saree. The fabric georgette is a mixture of nylon and polyester and is considered to be one of the most superior quality fabrics for a saree. There are many types of georgette sarees, all of which you will find widely on there are 3 types of georgette sarees—plain georgette, embroidered or printed georgette sarees with zardousi work and designer georgette sarees. Mirraw offers the most amazing range of all types of georgette sarees and you just have to select the one that you feel is the best suited for your occasion.
The most premium quality georgette do tend to be pretty expensive but the designs, the colors and the embroidery that accompany the top quality fabric is something to die for. Accessories well and you will look every bit the diva you are.

Chiffon sarees

Chiffon is a French word which essentially means “cloth”. Have you ever wondered what gives the chiffon that smooth and buttery finish and feel? Well, that is the result of a combination of cotton, silk and premium synthetic fibers that are weaved together in a balanced manner. This perfect balance in weaving the three types of fiber gives you that smooth feel on the fingers. Chiffon is now widely used in India as a very common fabric for a saree. At Mirraw, we offer the most exclusive and best range of the most wonderful and perfect pieces of chiffon sarees.
We keep in mind the whims of all women and therefore, have a wide range of colors, prints and designs on our website. So, if you cannot decide what to wear at your friend’s engagement party, then just come over to Mirraw and you will have at your disposal the most authentic and designer and branded chiffon sarees from top designers.

Net sarees

No matter what we say, the modern generation does tend to steer clear of sarees as they do not find it easily manageable and to them, it becomes quite an ordeal to wear a saree and keep it in perfect condition.
Well, the young generation need not worry anymore as designers all around the country have worked to create simple and easy to handle sarees for you. That is why, they have introduced the net sarees which are not only extremely light-weight but also very easy to carry around. Unless you are going for some heavily embroidered saree, the net sarees are a joy to wear. The best part of these sarees is that they can be worn at any occasion and is even suited for the most traditional occasion. The array fo colors and designs of net sarees that you would find on Mirraw would turn you into a saree lover at any given day.

Velvet sarees

Velvet is considered to be one of the best fabrics that is used to weave a saree. The newest addition to the collection of fabrics is velvet. It is true however, that velvet sarees cost a bomb because the fabric itself is very expensive. The better the quality fo the velvet, the more is the price of the saree. What velvet offers is the most aristocratic and royal colors because velvet is the signature fabric of the royalty. Remember Gayatri Devi? She hardly wore anything but premium quality velvet sarees.
So, Mirraw brings to you the most royal fabric used for a saree. The royal blue, the queenly maroon and the fantastic red, these are only some of the colors that Mirraw offers. Our attractive offers and discounts will also help you get the most superior quality saree at a most affordable rate and you will become the centre of attraction wherever you go wearing that saree made of the buttery, creamy velvet fabric.

Embroidered sarees

Sometimes, it happens that you are a saree lover, you like wearing sarees but the heavy traditional designs do not suit you well. The fact of the matter is that all designs of sarees do not go well with all types of figures. Well, the life saving option is that you look for embroidered sarees. The fabric is of any type, be it cotton, be it silk or even chiffon or georgette. Instead of the heavy traditional motifs, embroidered designs of flowers and various other types of designs give a different edge to the whole appearance of the saree. Embroidery looks fantastic on everyone and every type of body.
Mirraw offers to you the most exclusive collection of embroidered sarees at the most pocket friendly prices. You will get the most bright colored designs and fabrics in the embroidered saree collection. Even the embroidery threads have a variety of colors. They come is zari embroidery also, in metallic colors like gold, silver and copper colored zari threads.

Lehenga sarees

This type of saree was first introduced to the Indian fashion market by the leading designer, Manish Malhotra. This saree is no different than the normal saree. So why is it called, the lehenga saree? Well, the most difficult part of wearing a saree is doing the pleats correctly. Without the waist-pleats, the saree wearing is not done right and here is a chance than you might trip on the loss ends. For this reason, doing the pleats correctly is most essential for looking the best.
As many people struggle the most while doing the pleats, the lehenga saree was introduced to help the women drape the saree in the most fashionable and perfect manner without having to worry about the pleats. The lehenga saree has the pleats already made and stitched for you, just like in the skirt of the lehenga. The whole appearance of the sarees is just like the nrmal saree. After Manish Malhotra introduced this awesome piece of saree, it has become a raging fashion now.
Mirraw offers you a most exclusive collection of such wonderful lehenga sarees. Even if you are looking for such a saree for your wedding make sure to visit our exclusive wedding collection at Mirraw. The designer and branded lehenga sarees by Neeta Lulla and Satya Paul can also be found in the wedding saree collection.

Half and half sarees

In the local Indian dialects, this type of saree is called the “patli-palloo”. This saree is not too old either and has been in the market for 5 years now. Half and half does not mean that they are different in fabric. The design, the print and the embroidery is different in the two halves. For examples, if one half of the saree is royal blue in color and has zari embroidery, the other half would have a contrasted color, say dark pink, and would have thread embroidery on it. The division is made exactly from the middle, so that the waist pleat portion is more or less starkly different from the palloo portion.
The most common fabric that is used to make these half and half sarees is chanderi which is a native of Madhya Pradesh. Such designer, fashionable chanderi half and half sarees are widely available at our online portal, Not only do we offer you a wide range of colours, but also a wide range of designs and embroidery as well.

Wedding sarees

Mirraw offers you the most wonderful collection of bridal sarees. It is your day and you must look the most beautiful. So, don the perfect bridal saree that you have bought for a price on sale online. Couple the bridal piece with glittery sandals and stylish jewellery which look like a princess on your special day.

Saree gowns

This type of saree looks quite similar to the lehenga saree. This has pleats in the waist region and forms a wide A-line structure to resemble a gown. These are not only easy to wear and carry around but this makes you look like a regal princess when you wear this perfect piece of magic. Being the latest addition to the collection of modern types of sarees, Mirraw has the latest collection that has hit the saree market. For a gown saree purchase online, visit today!

Sarees from all corners of India

North India

When it comes to North India, the first state that comes to mind is Jammu and Kashmir. The most traditional saree of this state is Jamawar. Here, Jama means robe and war means yard. History says that these types of sarees were worn by the royalty. Primarily made of best quality silk, even Jamawar shawls were also equally popular amongst the royals. Even today many Jamawar sarees have matching shawls attached to them as a style statement and also to embellish the entire package.
Another extremely popular and remarkable saree is the Luknavi Chikkankari Saree, a traditional Lucknow masterpiece. These sarees have extremely intricate thread embroidery all over the body of the saree, giving it an aristocratic look. The sarees are available in many colours, usually pastel shades. The colorful and glamorous Jamdani sarees from Uttar Pradesh are a hit all over the country and they can be worn to any occasion.

East India

In this area, the most famous land of saree is Bengal, itself producing more than 3 types of traditional sarees. The commonest traditional saree from this state is Taant, literally meaning “made on the loom”. They are woven cotton sarees and are known for their crisp muslin finish. They are also embellished with light zari threads, woven many designs. Other famous types are Kantha stitch and Baluchari sarees, mostly made of refined silk.
Muga sarees from Assam are woven from silk which is only available in Assam. This type of saree is known for its inherent glimmer golden color which does not require dying. The Mekhla Chaadar is the most famous and traditional saree in Assam, which is a saree in two piece.

South India

The most popular traditional saree is this region is the Kanjeevaram saree, which is highly popular all over India. Woven in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, these sarees are known for their gold-dipped silver thread and the premium quality silk it’s woven from. The heavier the silk, the better is the quality of the saree.
Pochampally Ikkat sarees are also very popular in these areas. Mysore silk sarees are another traditional variant of south Indian silk sarees. The Authentic Bangalore silk, the cotton silk, which is the latest introduction to the silk category, is another marvelous piece of saree that is suited for any occasion.

West India

Pathani sarees from Aurangabad, Maharashtra are the most popular sarees from this region. They are woven in bold colors like magenta and peacock green. Various motifs are made all over the saree and are woven with pure silk and strings of pure gold.
Bandhni sarees, more commonly known as ti-and-dye designs, are a popular master from Gujarat. In the tie-and-dye pattern, elaborate designs are made all over the sarees which are woven in premium quality silk.
Patola sarees are also famous, known for their intricately woven patterns and the mandatory five-color designs.
Leheriya sarees from Rajasthan that have wave-like tie and dye patterns are really wonderful drapes that make you look pretty amazing!


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How to wear saree easy way

Thanksgiving day is a day that is purely American in.

How to wear saree easy way

How to wear saree easy way

How to wear saree easy way

How to wear saree easy way

How to wear saree easy way

How to wear saree easy way

How to wear saree easy way

How to wear saree easy way

How to wear saree easy way

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