How to wear flat peak cap



1. Civil Air Patrol

2. combat air patrol

cap 1


1. A usually soft and close-fitting head covering, either having no brim or with a visor.


a. A special head covering worn to indicate rank, occupation, or membership in a particular group: a cardinal's cap; a sailor's cap.

b. An academic mortarboard. Used especially in the phrase cap and gown.


a. A protective cover or seal, especially one that closes off an end or a tip: a bottle cap; a 35-millimeter lens cap.

b. A crown for covering or sealing a tooth.

c. A truck cap.

d. A tread for a worn pneumatic tire.

e. A fitted covering used to seal a well or large pipe.

f. Chiefly Southern US See eye.

4. A summit or top, as of a mountain.

5. An upper limit; a ceiling: placed a cap on mortgage rates.

6. Architecture The capital of a column.

7. Botany

a. The top part, or pileus, of a mushroom.

b. A calyptra.


a. A percussion cap.

b. A small explosive charge enclosed in paper for use in a toy gun.

9. Any of several sizes of writing paper, such as foolscap.

10. Sports An appearance by a player in an international soccer game, traditionally rewarded with a hat.

tr.v. capped, cap·ping, caps

1. To cover, protect, or seal with a cap.

2. To award a special cap to as a sign of rank or achievement: capped the new women nurses at graduation.

3. To lie over or on top of; cover: hills capped with snow.

4. To apply the finishing touch to; complete: cap a meal with dessert.

5. To follow with something better; surpass or outdo: capped his last trick with a disappearing act that brought the audience to its feet.

6. To set an upper limit on: decided to cap cost-of-living increases.

cap in hand

Humbly or submissively.

set (one's) cap for

To attempt to attract and win as a mate.

[Middle English cappe, from Old English cæppe, from Late Latin cappa.]

cap 2

 (kăp) Informal

A capital letter.

tr.v. capped, cap·ping, caps

To capitalize.

[Shortened form of capital.]

cap 3

n. Informal

1. Capital: venture cap.

2. Capitalization: market cap.


abbreviation for

1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Common Agricultural Policy: (in the EU) the system for supporting farm incomes by maintaining agricultural prices at agreed levels

2. (Agriculture) Common Agricultural Policy: (in the EU) the system for supporting farm incomes by maintaining agricultural prices at agreed levels


abbreviation for

1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Common Agricultural Policy: (in the EU) the system for supporting farm incomes by maintaining agricultural prices at agreed levels

2. (Agriculture) Common Agricultural Policy: (in the EU) the system for supporting farm incomes by maintaining agricultural prices at agreed levels



n., v. capped, cap•ping. n.

1. a close-fitting covering for the head, usu. of soft, supple material and having no brim but sometimes having a visor.

2. a headdress denoting rank, occupation, religious order, or the like: a nurse's cap.

3. mortarboard (def. 2).

4. anything resembling a covering for the head in shape, use, or position: a bottle cap.

5. summit; top; acme.

6. a maximum limit, as one set by law or agreement on prices, wages, spending, etc.; ceiling.

7. the pileus of a mushroom.

8. percussion cap.

9. a noise-making device for toy pistols, made of a small quantity of explosive wrapped in paper.


10. to provide or cover with or as if with a cap.

11. to complete.

12. to follow with something better; outdo: to cap one joke with another.

13. to serve as a cap, covering, or top to.

14. to put a maximum limit on (wages, spending, etc.).


set one's cap for, to pursue as a lover or husband.

[before 1000; Middle English cappe, Old English cæppe < Late Latin cappa hooded cloak, cap]



n., v. capped, cap•ping. n.

1. a capital letter.

2. Usu., caps. uppercase: Set the underlined in caps.


3. to write or print with a capital letter or letters; capitalize.

[1895–1900; by shortening]




a capsule, esp. of a narcotic drug.

[by shortening]


1. Civil Air Patrol.

2. computer-aided publishing.


1. capital.

2. capitalize.

3. capitalized.

4. capital letter.

5. chapter.

[< Latin capitulum, caput]


Past participle: capped
Gerund: capping

Imperative Present Preterite Present Continuous Present Perfect Past Continuous Past Perfect Future Future Perfect Future Continuous Present Perfect Continuous Future Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous Conditional Past Conditional



(Common Agricultural Policy) Subsidies from a central fund to farmers of countries belonging to the EC. Controversial, it led to so-called butter mountains and wine lakes through overproduction in these areas.


سَدّادَةُ قَنّينَهقُبَّعَةقُبَّعَةٌ ذات حافَّةٍقُبَّعّةٌ ذات حافّةٍ











hettahetta, lokhúfa

berrettocuffiafar meglioricopriretappo















how to wear flat peak cap lưỡi trai



N ABBR (Pol) =Common Agricultural Policy → PAC f


A. N

1. (= hat) → gorra f; (soldier's) → gorra f militar; (for swimming) → gorro m de baño; (servant's etc) → cofia f (Univ) → bonete m
cap and gown (Univ) → toga f y bonete
to go cap in hand → ir con el sombrero en la mano
if the cap fits, wear it → el que se pica, ajos come
to set one's cap at sb (o.f.) → proponerse conquistar a algn
to put on one's thinking cap → ponerse a pensar detenidamente
I must put on my thinking cap → tengo que meditarlo

2. (Brit) (Sport) he's got his cap for England; he's an England cap → forma parte de la selección nacional inglesa, juega con la selección nacional inglesa

3. (= lid, cover) [of bottle] → tapón m; (made of metal) → chapa f, tapón m; [of pen] → capuchón m

4. [of gun] → cápsula f (fulminante)

5. [of mushroom] → sombrerete m, sombrerillo m

6. [of tooth] (artificial) → funda f

7. (Mech) → casquete m (Aut) (= radiator/petrol cap) → tapón m

8. (= contraceptive) → diafragma m

9. (= percussion cap) → cápsula f (fulminante)


1. [+ bottle etc] → tapar; [+ tooth] → enfundar; [+ oil-well] → encapuchar, tapar

2. (= surpass) [+ story, joke] see if you can cap that story → a ver si cuentas un chiste mejor que ése
I can cap that → yo sé algo mejor sobre el mismo asunto
and to cap it all, he → y para colmo, él...

3. (= complete) → coronar, completar

4. (= limit) [+ expenditure] → restringir; [+ council etc] → imponer un límite presupuestario a

5. (Brit) (Sport) [+ player] → seleccionar (para el equipo nacional), incluir en la selección nacional


[ˌsiːeɪˈpiː] n abbr (=Common Agricultural Policy) → PAC f




abbr of Common Agricultural Policy gemeinsame Agrarpolitik der EG, → GAP f



(= hat) → Mütze f; (= soldier’s cap also) → Käppi nt; (= nurse’s cap) → Haube f; (Jur, Univ) → Barett nt; (for swimming) → Bademütze or -kappe f; (of jester) → Kappe f; (of cardinal) → Hut m; (= skullcap) → Käppchen nt; cap in hand → kleinlaut; if the cap fits(, wear it) (Brit prov) → wem die Jacke passt (, → der soll sie sich (dat) → anziehen); cap and bells → Schellenkappe f; in cap and gown → mit Doktorhut und Talar

(Brit Sport) he has won 50 caps for Scotland → er ist 50 Mal mit der schottischen Mannschaft angetreten; Owen is the team’s only new cap → Owen ist der einzige Neuzugang in der Mannschaft

(= lid, cover, of bottle) → Verschluss m, → Deckel m; (of fountain pen) → (Verschluss)kappe f; (of valve) → Kappe f; (Mil: of shell, fuse) → Kapsel f; (Aut: = petrol cap, radiator cap) → Verschluss m

(= contraceptive) → Pessar nt

(= explosive) → Platzpatrone f; (for toy gun) → Zündplättchen nt

(of mushroom) → Hut m

(Pol) → Kappungsgrenze f



n (Typ inf) → großer Buchstabe; in caps → in Großbuchstaben ? also capital N b


[ˌsiːeɪˈpiː] n abbr =Common Agricultural Policy → PAC f, politica agricola comunitaria


2. vt

a. (bottle) → tappare; (tooth) → ricoprire

b. (surpass, story, joke) → superare, essere meglio di
and to cap it all, he... → e per completare l'opera, lui...

c. he's been capped 15 times for England (Brit) (Sport) → ha rappresentato l'Inghilterra 15 volte


(kӕp) noun

1. a hat with a peak. a chauffeur's cap. pet قُبَّعّةٌ ذات حافّةٍ каскет boné čepice die Mütze kasket πηλήκιοgorra nokkmüts کلاه lippalakki casquette כּוֹבָע מִצְחִייָה टोपी kapa sapka pici (der)húfa berretto 前びさし付帽子 위로 뾰족한 모자 kepurė cepure; žokejcepure topi petlueczapka z daszkiem خولی boné şapcă кепка; фуражка čapica čepica s ščitnikom kačket skärmmössa, keps หมวกที่มีกระบังหน้า kep, kasket 軍官帽,棒球帽 кепка; картуз ٹوپی mũ lưỡi trai (有帽舌的)帽子

2. a covering for the head, not with a peak. a swimming cap; a nurse's cap. mus قُبَّعَةٌ ذات حافَّةٍ шапка touca čepec, čapka die Haube hætte σκούφιαgorro, cofia müts کلاه بدون لبه lakki bonnet; coiffeכובע आवरण, आच्छद kapa sapka tudung (sund)hetta berretto, cappello 縁なし帽子 위가 뾰족하지 않은 모자 kepuraitė cepurīte penutup kepala hoofddeksellue; hette; kappeczepek بى پيكه خوله touca cască; bonetă шапочка; колпак čiapka; čepiec kapa kapa mössa หมวก kep, takke, başlık 包頭帽 чепець سر کو ڈھانپنے کے لئے چوٹی کے بغیر ٹوپی mũ vải (无帽舌的)帽子

3. a cover or top (of a bottle, pen etc). Replace the cap after you've finished with the pen. doppie, proppie سَدّادَةُ قَنّينَه капачка tampa víčko, víko die (Verschluß-)Kappe hætte καπάκι, πώμα, βούλωμα, τάπα capuchón, tapón, tapa kork در؛ سرپوش suojus capsule; capuchonמכסה, פקק शीर्ष kapica kupak tutup hetta, lok cappuccio キャップ 뚜껑 dangtelis aizbāznis; uzmava; vāks penutup doplokk, hette, deksel, kapselkapsel, nakrętka cap [n] خولۍ، هر هغه شى چه سرپه پټيږى، سر پټونى tampa ca­pac; înveliş крышка; колпачок uzáver pokrov, zamašek poklopac kapsyl, hatt, lock ฝาครอบ kapak, başlık 蓋子 ковпачок ڈھکن nắp 盖

capped adjective

having a cap or covering. snow-capped mountains. bedekte مُغَطّى покрит coberto s čepičkou, pokrytý bedeckt dækket σκεπασμένος tapado, cubierto (mütsiga) kaetud دارای سرپوش؛ پوشش دار peitetty couronné לשים כובע, מכסה आवृत्त pokrovac, glavica hófedte berlapis þakinn (efst) með hettu ricoperto, coperto ふたをかぶせた (으로) 덮인 apdengtas pārklāts; apsegts dilitupi met... bedekt med hette/lue; dekket pokryty پوښ دار coberto de acoperit de покрытый pokrytý (ako čiapočkou) pokrit prekriven kapsylförsedd, krönt, [snö]klädd ซึ่งปกคลุม...kaplı 覆蓋的,有蓋子的 покритий سر پہ ٹوپی لینا ، یا کسی چیز کا ڈھانپا ہوا ہونا có nắp 覆盖的,有盖子的


→ قُبَّعَة čapka kasket Mütze κασκέτο gorra lakki casquette kapa berretto 縁なし帽子 모자 hoofddeksel skyggelue czapka boné кепка keps หมวกที่มีกระบังหน้า kep mũ lưỡi trai 帽子


n (of a bottle) tapa; (of a needle) capuchón m; (dent) corona (esp. una del color del diente); (head covering) gorro; shower — gorro de baño; cervical — capuchón m cervical; safety — tapa de seguridad; surgical o scrub — gorro quirúrgico


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How to wear flat peak cap

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How to wear flat peak cap

How to wear flat peak cap

How to wear flat peak cap

How to wear flat peak cap

How to wear flat peak cap

How to wear flat peak cap

How to wear flat peak cap

How to wear flat peak cap

How to wear flat peak cap

How to wear flat peak cap

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