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height: 5’ 6’’ age: 19 years old

left pic: 155 lbs

right pic: 133 lbs

highest weight:169 lbs

the hardest part is not giving up, and looking the mirror and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere, then you compare and you realize how far you’ve come and this is when you need to push the hardest for the results you’ve been working so hard for. 10 more pounds of fat to lose, i know i can do this.

The photo on the left was at the beginning of my most recent weight loss journey that started in January 2014. In that picture I weighed just over 185lbs and had 30% body fat. The picture on the right is my current weight which is around 165lbs and my body fat is about 25%. I had tried many times to lose weight but I would always get frustrated and quit. Finally I decided enough was enough and made fitness a priority in my life. My ultimate goal is to be @ 20% body fat. I’m not finished yet but I’m sure getting closer! Don’t give up, trust me it’s worth it. 

5'3" / 25 years old

I went from 220 down to 136, slowly but surely, and unfortunately spent the last year or so re-gaining. I’ve started this Tumblr to surround myself with good vibes, and I’ve hopped on the low carb train, as it’s given me painless, quick results in the past (the trick: STICKING WITH IT haha). Follow along – I’d love some accountability in the latest leg of my journey.

summer 2013 vs. summer 2014 (lost 34kg/74lbs) first time in ages that i feel pretty :)

I found and old picture of myself wearing this shirt on the far left while struggling with my weight loss, & now after dropping 30 lbs. with a little bit of cardio & clean eating, i’m more inspired than ever to keep going :)

I appreciate this blog & every supporter encouraging me along the way. You guys are beautiful :)

Come check me out @ for any questions, etc.

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check out the transformation photos in the article!

Here are my weight loss pictures!

Start Weight: 248LBS
Current Weight: 163LBS

Start Height: 5’6”
Current Height: 5’8”

Age: 24

Ask question if you’d like!

Age: 18

Gender: Male. 

Height: 5’-8”

Starting Weight: 212

Current Weight: 161

Goal Weight: The number isn’t a huge deal for me.

I’ve been overweight all my life until after midway senior year of high school I decided it was time to make a change. It all started off with two mile runs 3x a week and adding in more fruit into my meals. Being out of shape, those two miles were not easy at all. I started taking advantage of the nice weather and started taking my exercise outside and ran the local bike trail which is 6 miles long back and forth. Little by little I started to run the full length of the bike trail. Now it’s to the point where I run from my house to the bike trail, run the bike trail, then run back to my house. This makes it a total of 8 miles. I now run these 8 miles at least 3-4x a week and bike the trail at least once a week. My weight loss was done on my own, with a huge majority of it without a gym membership.Anything is possible, coming from someone who never saw this possible!

Instagram: josmed28

I only really started my journey in the Summer of 2012, but I have no pictures from then as I was too disgusted by my body to take any photos. However, I’ve lost over 22 pounds ever since and have successfully kept them off! I’m still not where I want to be, but I’m getting closer every day.

Late August of 2013 I was 210lbs, heavier than when I gave birth, and miserable. I couldn’t run because I kept twisting my ankle (seriously, almost every freakin day) and that was all I really knew about weight loss. I’d had an eating disorder for a decade prior to me getting pregnant and I didn’t want to go from one unhealthy extreme to the other and back again. My husband suggested weight lifting and I gave it a shot.

I LOVED IT. I did almost no cardio, maybe only once or twice a month. It was all just heavy lifting. I have a bit more cardio now, but probably not as much as I “should,” lol. I didn’t follow any diet, although I did find that some things did not sit well while lifting (pasta, most notably) and avoided them. I don’t enjoy soda, and I slowly gave up alcohol altogether. But as far as diet goes, that’s really it. 

I’ve come a long way since these photos, but this is a pretty good showcase of the start of my transformation. It doesn’t show me at my heaviest (or my current), but  I no longer have rolls of back fat. I no longer wear sweaters during the summer. I lost almost 10" around my waist. 

I can bench 150lbs, deadlift 275lbs, and squat 225lbs. I love being strong, and I love not having that anorexic/bulimic voice in my head telling me what I need to weight to be worth something. I weigh 185 and I’m in better shape than I was at 135 (in fact, I started running 5Ks this year and am registered for a half-marathon in October). 

I’m continuing my lifting because it’s a hobby now. But it’s great knowing that I’m in shape and got in shape the healthy way for the first time in my life. 

101.5kg/ 223.8lbs   VS  123kg/ 272 lbs

or Summer 2013 vs Summer 2014

Not done yet but on the best way (for me). Progress pics make me realise how far I’ve already become.

Height: 5"8

Height: 163 cm

Weight before: 66 kgs

Weight after: 56

Its crazy the transformation I underwent because I was recovering from an eating disorder that almost led to my death. The first picture was taken when my bulimia and anorexia first began, and the after is me completely changed! So much could happen in one year, and I learned that!

All I do is focus on protein and cut the portion sizes to reasonable amounts for me to be full. I drink two bottles of water a day. I exercise daily; I run and fastwalk everyday for 45 minutes max, and workout my muscles every other day. I am working to slim my body and tone it, not to bulk it up!

You can do this! It’s rather simple, only takes a little time but its so worth it!

Follow my blog here: for more info :)

good luck!

This is my before and during:) I still have some weight to lose but Im getting there!:D

Some people may not think I was overweight in my before picture, but I was soooo unhealthy. I was sick all the time, where my doctor became extremely worried about me b/c she saw me all the time! My blood pressure was extremely high. I was suffering from depression and anxiety. I was completely dependent on food. I was using my hyperlordosis as a way to stay inactive. There were excuses piled on excuses to try & avoid bettering myself!

I’m still dealing with emotional eating, but I feel like I’m so much healthier today than a year ago. I have lost 10 pounds! I’m drinking more water! I’m eating healthier & I’m learning more about my body everyday. I put more time & effort into my health now and am definitely seeing results :) My blood pressure went from heartache zone to prehypertension. It’s still high, but I’m working on it diligently everyday. 

Don’t let the little things get in the way of your health. You can do it! Stay motivated & keep positive. I’ve failed multiple times in my fitness journey, but I don’t let my failures shape who I am. Forget about the past & move on. Love yourself & your body<3

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Healthy girl tumblr

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Healthy girl tumblr

Healthy girl tumblr

Healthy girl tumblr

Healthy girl tumblr

Healthy girl tumblr

Healthy girl tumblr

Healthy girl tumblr

Healthy girl tumblr

Healthy girl tumblr

Healthy girl tumblr

Healthy girl tumblr

Healthy girl tumblr

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